Dr. Sara Korsunsky BSc. ND

Sara CFNM photo 2012Dr. Sara Korsunsky is an experienced doctor and speaker with a passion for connecting with others and teaching a sensible approach to “getting healthy”.  She has been immersed in the natural health culture for over 20 years, as a patient, educator and Doctor.  After completing a four-year postgraduate degree in Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture, she practiced independently in Calgary, Alberta and Gimli, Manitoba, before joining Winnipeg’s most respected Naturopathic medical clinic, the Centre for Natural Medicine.  Dr. Korsunsky believes in aligning Western, Eastern and Naturopathic medical arts and sciences, focusing on creating solutions that address root causes of health issues.  Her interests include bridging functional medicine, mindfulness based practices, and neurological sciences.  Building on years of experience navigating medical fields for treatment of a chronic disease, Dr. Korsunsky empathetically coaches others on their journeys towards wellness.  Her work and life experiences have helped her develop a presentation style that makes medical information easy to understand, and offers practical tips with a healthy dose of humour.


Chef Matthew Rothman knows a lot about health and is an expert in taste- making him the perfect match for SmartHealth!  Specializing in accommodating food challenges such as allergies and health conditions, he brings a wealth of experience as he designs enticing meals for participants to enjoy while learning about optimizing their health. Chef Matthew has worked with elite athletes in Winnipeg (Royal Winnipeg Ballet and The Winnipeg Jets) and at several of Canada’s enduring food purveyors, including Toronto’s Whole Foods Market, Calgary’s River Cafe, Winnipeg’s Stella’s Cafe. He has catered or made prepared meals for individual clients, families, farmer’s markets and events such as the Celiac Association’s AGM.  Do not miss his chicken soup, gluten free vegan muffins or Mediterranean Pashtida (quiche)!